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Black Economic Empowerment - Transfer to new entity

We have transferred all the assets and liabilities of Xasa Facilitating & Consulting cc to a new entity, Xasa Facilitating (Pty) Ltd as a going concern.


This is to enable us to create a company with an initial 25.1% black empowerment stake. 

New Partner

The new partner in this venture is Mr Lesley Nhlapo.


In one sense this not a "new" partnership but the continuation of an old partnership in a new guise. We were co-facilitators of the ground-breaking NQF Pilot Project: Engineering and Manufacturing Processes, 1995 and 1996. He was the labour representative while Christoph was the business representative.


Together with a project team we implemented one of the first stakeholder driven processes to generate unit standards on a cross-sectoral basis. It was a path-finding mission getting different constituencies to work together to arrive at a consensus position. 


To some extent we were too successful and what we developed challenged entrenched interests. As a result politics and power-broking resulted in the project, the methodologies and the outcomes being marginalised. The lessons from the project are still valid today.


Lesley Nhlapo has been actively involved in in a number of our current projects and some new projects we are planning. he has already been facilitating standards generation and qualifications development processes for qualifications in the Higher Education and Training Band.


"Lesley, back to the camera, hard at work facilitating the development of Master Artisan qualifications"



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