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About Xasa


"To help people, organisations and institutions to develop the capacity to adapt to change and achieve their full potential."

Primary Services

  • Facilitation of processes

  • Design of systems, especially the implementation of skills development

  • Training and development of people

Typical contexts for the services

  • Development of unit standards and qualifications within the National Qualifications Framework

  • Re-alignment and development of education and training providers within the new National Qualifications Framework with specific emphasis on outcomes-based education and training (from emerging providers through to higher education)

  • Development of systems within companies to address changing strategies and alignment with changing environments (mostly in the manufacturing sector, but also elsewhere)

  • Facilitation of project planning process for donor organisations to implement new policy initiatives

  • Developing the capacity of specific individuals within organisations to develop and implement new systems (executive coaching)

Our Approach

Our approach is based on engaging people, tapping into their acquired knowledge and experience, using processes that allow them to structure the future.


What can we do for you?

We can provide tools and processes that will help you unlock what you are currently involved in and link it to change, to future processes:

  • visual mapping techniques

  • structuring your interventions to ensure success

  • understanding and applying the new principles and techniques

  • linking concepts and common sense

In particular we have tools to:

  • design and develop nationally registered qualifications

  • design, develop and implement learnerships

  • design learning and skills development programmes

  • techniques to marry theory and practice

  • develop thinking and thinking skills

  • tools and techniques to plan, design and develop quality assurance systems, policies and procedures

  • based on plain language usage and breaking through cultural barriers

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